Michael Kors Kiera wallet


MK wallet


So… last week I went to Corte Inglês and this happened.

I was looking for a new wallet, because my beloved Miu Miu was starting to show a bit of wear (and after a year and a half it’s no wonder), but I wasn’t really expecting to find one.

This model had apparently just arrived (although I think it’s an old release in the US) and they had it in this colour (red) and in dark blue. For those not familiar with Michael Kors leather accessories, they do a lot of stuff using this Saffiano leather, which is basically cow leather treated to give it a rough texture. This makes the leather really resistant.

If like me you throw your wallet into a handbag full of pens, keys, and other random knick knacks, then I can tell you that this kind of leather is fantastic. Plus a pretty colour and a bow? SOLD.

Michael Kors Kiera wallet in Saffiano Red – 140€