FeelUnique Haul

ImageJust before Easter (yes, you read that correctly), I made an order at FeelUnique. I first got to know FeelUnique through Fleur de Force because it had a lot of brands the beauty bloggers raved about and that weren’t available in Portugal, and even more importantly it had worldwide FREE shipping (more on that later).

This time I picked a Balm Balm aromatherapy bath oil collection (32.49€), to dip my toe into the bath oils. It has 7 little miniatures of all different oil mixtures for different purposes, like Calm, Detox or Relax. I’ve always used bubble bombs or soaks, so I’m going in for the oils. As with everything in this post, a review should be coming in the near future.

I re-ordered an old favourite the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer (19.50€) and thought I’d give the Stimulating Scalp Mask (7.15€) a try.

Finally I got the talk of the beauty blogger world, Tanya Burr Lip Glosses (9.09€) in Afternoon Tea and Picnic in the Park.

My orders with FeelUnique have always been really quick. About a week or so. After almost 2 weeks I contacted them. But to issue a complaint about a missing parcel in the post (not a private courier) you need to wait 40 working days (!!!). So I prepared to wait to ask for the refund, but I never expected to actually receive the package. Lo and behold, about a month later, here it comes. It had been stuck in customs. And I only know Portuguese Customs, but oh, boy, never heard of a good experience (if you have, PLEASE leave a comment below) and never had one either. So here it was, complete with an extra 30 euros, of which only 20€ were actually tax (VAT or the portuguese IVA). After contacting FeelUnique to let them know the package had arrived and where it had been, they immediately offered to refund the Custom’s charge, which they did, to my credit card, the next day. Fantastic customer care, prompt action, and a very happy customer was an excellent end to the Adventure of the FeelUnique Haul.


PS- The time for free shipping without a * at the end is long gone. The current * is orders over 15€ get free shipping, so it’s still a pretty good deal (there is no way you get out of that site without spending at least 15€ lol).


Escada Fragrances


This weekend, I looked down at my dresser and saw this little fragrance corner.

Fragrance is something I’m admittedly very unsophisticated about. I don’t care to be faffing about with notes and layers, I like what I like, and most I don’t like at all (have you entered a Massimo Dutti store in the last year and half? Dear lord, the smell!!!)

Many years ago (last century even! ah) a friend gave me an Escada cologne for my birthday. Sometime later, looking for a new perfume I remembered that and picked up another Escada. It was love for life. Enough that I have in the past committed the ultimate sin and bought a new Escada perfume without ever smelling it (it was just the once, I beg forgiveness!).

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One of the most important things you should know about me, beauty wise, is that I have a serious problem with nail polishes, and more particularly with Chanel nail polishes.

I can easily track the genesis of this problem, let’s say obsession, to the lovely Christine from Temptalia. She was responsible for opening my eyes to the beauty of makeup in general, and more particularly, to the proper application of impeccable nail polish (I’ll include the video tutorial down below).

But the real culprit? The real culprit was that little bottle right here on the photo, front on the left. I swatched this polish on my left thumb at the Brussels Airport, and for the next few hours couldn’t stop gazing at my thumb, like an idiot. The polish? Chanel’s Rose Confidentiel (I even like the name!).


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