Escada Fragrances


This weekend, I looked down at my dresser and saw this little fragrance corner.

Fragrance is something I’m admittedly very unsophisticated about. I don’t care to be faffing about with notes and layers, I like what I like, and most I don’t like at all (have you entered a Massimo Dutti store in the last year and half? Dear lord, the smell!!!)

Many years ago (last century even! ah) a friend gave me an Escada cologne for my birthday. Sometime later, looking for a new perfume I remembered that and picked up another Escada. It was love for life. Enough that I have in the past committed the ultimate sin and bought a new Escada perfume without ever smelling it (it was just the once, I beg forgiveness!).

I have since then, bought all of these Escada Eau de Toilettes. I don’t know exactly how to describe them, because Escada also has other type of fragrances I’m not too keen on, so I’ll just describe them as the ones in the “tall, curvy bottle TM” (see above). I think they are called the Summer Collection or something to that effect.

They are all, without exception, sweet fragrances, with varying undertones. ‘Cherry in the Air’ was released earlier this year and it’s a very sweet perfume, with a slight sour undertone. At the time it was lovely, but with warmer weather feels a bit cloying and heavy. ‘Born in Paradise’ is this Summer’s new release, simultaneous with the re-release of an older fragrance, ‘Taj Sunset’. The former has undertones of coconut, and it’s fresh and delightful (and I’m not a big fan of coconut flavour/scent), but I have found myself reaching for it above the other two. The latter is practically the quintessential Escada summer perfume, sweet, but not too sweet, and a great fragrance to pull out of their vaults.

If like me, you want your fragrance sweet, but not too sweet, fruity, but not too fruity, flowery, but not too flowery, not sickly, not overly powerful or heavy, these are the kind of easy scents to go for. They are always different, and they never get it wrong. Next time you see one, give it a try. And let me know.

All three should currently be available in your usual beauty and fragrance store.


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