Huntin’ for boots

With the warmer weather finally making an appearance, and feeling like a change in footwear was in order, I decided a pair of ankle boots was just the thing.

My standard winter boots are a pair of simple cowboy boots, with a 3 cm heel, in brown, so as a spin-off of that I went looking for something in a similar style (these are my second pair of Texan style boots), but ankle high and with a little bit of bling.

Lately the fashionable thing seems to be very clunky, round boots, which I absolutely detest. So I did a little online browsing. Which unfortunately for me means: I went to Net-a-Porter.

Boot after boot, and finally I spotted these: the Rag and Bone Harrow Biker boot in a burgundy tone (actual colour name: Port. Appropriate.)


Right there and then, they stole my heart. And if you’ve followed the link, you probably noticed the price. Yep. 460€. Four hundred and sixty euros. It is a sign of how crazy I was for the damn boots, I actually thought that was a reasonable price. Not like “oh, so cheap”, but more like “damn, they’d be totally worth it” (and hopefully they would be too).

So, right upfront, I’m not saying I wouldn’t pay their price, but sight unseen and untried? No, that is not the way to buy shoes. Which only meant one thing: the hunt was on for finding a dupe I could try out in real life.

A few more trollings through the malls until I finally came upon these at the Seaside shop at Almada Forum.


They already are showing a bit of wear and tear, because I already wore them like hell (as well as taken them to the cobblers for rubber soles), but don’t they look somewhat similar to some other boots I was talking about?

I was sold on sight: not only do they visually look a lot like the Harrow boots, specially when on your feet, but they were 29,90€!!! Sale price, down from 39,90€ (!!!!). Made in Portugal. real leather. Seriously, just for the price alone they were worth it, never mind that they look like them other damn boots.

And now that I’ve worn them a bit, I’m actually glad I bought these instead, because one thing was abundantly clear: my wardrobe is not ready for ankle boots. All my jeans are wide or straight or bootcut. Not a pair of trousers fit to tuck inside the little booties, which, let’s be honest, is all of the fun.

I’ve now jumped fervously on the skinny jeans bandwagon. In the meanwhile, I’m doing like the tiger. I’m just laying in the under brush, waiting for the Net-a-Porter sales to arrive. All the time in the world… just waiting…


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